What do ESC beeps mean?

beep, which indicates that your ESC has got the signal range of the throttle from your transmitter. The throttle is now calibrated and your ESC is ready for operation.

How do I reset my ESC?

To reset the ESC to factory default settings connect a battery, turn on the transmitter and then turn the car on. Press and hold the set button for 4 seconds and release. The Red and Green lights will flash simultaneously to show you have reset the ESC.

How do you reprogram an ESC?

Manual ESC-by-ESC Calibration

  1. Plug one of your ESC three-wire cables into the throttle channel of the RC receiver. …
  2. Turn on the transmitter and set throttle stick to maximum (full up).
  3. Connect the LiPo battery.
  4. You will hear a musical tone then two beeps.
  5. After the two beeps, lower the throttle stick to full down.

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