Does Chevy make a 5 cylinder engine?

A Vortec 3500 3.5L five-cylinder engine with 220 hp (164 kw) and 225 lb. -ft. (305 Nm) of torque is standard on the Crew Cab Z71 and ZQ8 models, and available on all other models. The 3.5L inline five-cylinder offers customers the power of a V-6 with the fuel efficiency of a four-cylinder.

What Audi has a 5 cylinder engine?

Enhancements and new developments followed, with turbocharging, emissions control and four-valve technology, rally engines and five-cylinder diesel units. Today, the 2.5 TFSI in the Audi RS 3 Sportback* and in the Audi TT RS* carries on the great tradition of five-cylinder powerplants.

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